The Terror Boss

Most of us will eventually encounter the Terror Boss.

The Terror boss is that direct superior who shreds a subordinate’s self-esteem.  He or she:

  • Yells at you, with expletives and words not acceptable for children below 18 years old;
  • Finds faults, never praises, never has anything good to say about you;
  • Assigns lots of work that require overtime beyond the laws of physics;
  • Criticizes you and your work in front of the whole office;
  • Takes credit for any good results arising from your work;
  • Tells you that you don’t deserve a promotion or raise but should be thankful you still have a job;
  • Disapproves requests for off-site training;
  • Doesn’t allow you to reimburse your expenses for official business meetings;
  • Calls you about work when you’re at home or on vacation;
  • Accuses you of stealing when something goes missing;
  • Says you’re lazy;
  • Orders you to do personal errands such as shopping at the drug store and delivering the stuff to his or her residence;
  • Blames you for his or her wrong decisions;
  • Does everything possible to make you feel worthless.

One would eventually have a Terror Boss.  How we respond will determine what we become. 

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