About Overtimers Anonymous

I’ve been immersed in work since 1984.  My long-spanning career since graduation from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee include managerial assignments at P&G Philippines, a harrowing experience as an entrepreneur in freight logistics, participation in several successful consultancy projects, and finally as an administrator of a company that builds and leases warehouses and offices.

Overtimers Anonymous is a blog about the experiences many of us have in our professional lives and how we can become more productive. (A long time ago, OA was a newsletter about the social lives of young professionals; but that was really a long time ago). 

I write quite a bit about supply chains. Supply chains are product and service streams that run around the world.  They cover just about everything that has to do with getting, making, and delivering stuff from one place to the next. 

Because supply chains haven’t really been doing so well recently [circa 2020], I’m hoping that this blog, for all what it’s worth, would also offer some help for enterprises in finding ways to make things better. 

And why do I call it Overtimers Anonymous? Because many of us who work are in our jobs more than eight hour a day and are more often than not unseen. 

If you want to pick my brains for information and ideas, please feel free to contact me (ellery_l@yahoo.com) or drop me a text at +639178353546. [I’m also on Viber and Messenger]. 

E. S. Lim